8 Things Never To Say To A Cancer Patient

7. Are you going to lose your hair?

Image via Flickr
Image via Flickr

Not only is this comment extremely personal and rude, it hits at a core issue lots of women going through treatment face: the fear of losing their femininity. Instead of shining an intrusive spotlight on this topic, try giving out compliments! And better yet, offer to go shopping and try on some new styles to fit the new look!

Instead: Give compliments! Offer to try out new styles/hats/wraps/makeup!

6. Do you think it was caused by weight gain/too much soy/not going organic?


There is already so much self-blame and guilt when it comes to cancer diagnosis, that trying to pin point the cause of it is really not helpful. They have already battled (and are still battling) the demons of shame and “what if” in their life, and the truth is, there are so many variables, we may never know what causes cancer. Either way, it’s not a productive conversation. What helps is what their diet is now, and how you can help make healthy living simple for them.

Instead: Focus on how to help them live the healthiest life they can right now.

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