What is Metformin?

Is Metformin right for me?

People who are at high risk for lactic acidosis should discuss the condition with their doctors to determine whether the medication is right for them.

As with any medication, anyone considering taking Metformin should consult a physician first to make sure it is a good option for their specific state of health. Metformin is, however, one of the safest drugs on the market and is even sometimes prescribed to pregnant women.

When should I take it?

Most patients who are on Metformin take the medication at mealtimes, but the treatment plan is different for everyone. Talk to your doctor about whether Metformin is right for you and when and how often you should take it if you choose to go on it.

How do I take it?

Metformin comes in tablet form or in powder form packaged in a sachet, whichever is more convenient for you. A continued release form is also available to help those people who have adverse side effects to the drug.

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