Grandfather with Dementia Gets His Wish to Walk His Granddaughter Down the Aisle

A grandfather with dementia spent his last days feeling very happy after finally getting his dying wish. For ages, Ron Moyer has been asking to walk his granddaughter down the aisle at her wedding.

“Every time I came over and everyone who came to visit him, he was like, ‘When do I get to walk my granddaughter down the aisle?'” says his granddaughter, Payton Nees.

Photo: Siouxland Proud

Ron, who has dementia and lives in an assisted living facility, was not able to walk his granddaughter down the aisle at her actual wedding, but the bride and her mother, Sara McClintock, planned a second wedding ceremony a month before her real wedding so that he would be able to get his wish.

The ceremony took place outdoors at Ron’s assisted living facility so he wouldn’t need to travel to be there. After he walked his daughter down the aisle and watched the ceremony, he even got to dance with Payton.

Photo: Siouxland Proud

Ron was ailing considerably at the time, and Sara says she and the rest of the family were helping him practice walking and doing what they could to improve his health so that he could walk Payton down the aisle.

“It was better than my wedding just to have that moment with my grandpa,” Payton says.

Photo: Siouxland Proud

Ron passed away less than a year after his granddaughter’s wedding from his dementia. The family will desperately miss him, but in some ways, his passing was a blessing after he suffered so much.

“It’s been really hard the last year,” says Ron’s wife, Sharon Moyer. “He hasn’t been the man I married.”

Photo: Siouxland Proud

But Ron held onto as much of his memory as he could for as long as he could, and he was able to fondly remember his granddaughter on the day he walked her down the aisle and had his last dance with her.

“This was the most important thing to him and he talked about it up until he passed,” Payton says.

Check out the video below to see the touching moments between granddaughter and grandfather.

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