Videogame Aims to Get Kids Fighting Alzheimer’s

With disease rates on the rise, spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s amongst younger generations is becoming increasingly important. And what better way to engage kids than by using video games?

That’s what UK video game designer Gaz Bushell and biochemist Dr. Jody Mason thought when they came up with the idea for “Cascade”, an immersive video game that lets players experience how Alzheimer’s works within the brain.

According to Bushell, players “fly around this infinite landscape, effectively from brain cell to brain cell, fighting this malevolent force which is destroying everything in its path — and that force happens to be Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Cascade” uses engaging sci-fi imagery like spaceships and planets to mirror both the pathology and the leading therapeutic strategies for combating Alzheimer’s. Players are “stepping into the brain of somebody who as Alzheimer’s disease and trying to stop the production of [a] very toxic protein,” explains Dr. Mason. “The main idea of the game is to keep those brain cells healthy.”

Check out the video for an inside look at the game’s “brain cell landscape” and learn more about Gaz and Dr. Mason’s innovative idea!

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