Vet Sacrifices to Give HUGE Donation to Food Bank!

John Skorna had a goal: to donate $10,000 to the Thurston County Food Bank’s summer lunch program. To accomplish this, he scrimped and saved for 6 months, spending his $16.30/hr salary on only food, gas, and a phone bill. On June 10, he presented a cashier’s check for the full $10,000, to the astonishment of the food bank employees. His donation provided 2,762 lunches to kids in need, which is a remarkable 20% of the entire program’s needs.

Skorna is no stranger to giving back. He spent four years in the Marines, where he toured poverty-stricken cities around the world, handing out emergency supplies. He was involved in helping those in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, and that propelled him to donate wherever he could.

Now he has a new goal: to raise $100,000. He knows this will be more difficult to accomplish, but he is determined to make it. Undoubtably, he will continue to make his community a better place!

Watch the inspiring video below! >>

Here’s another heartwarming video of a selfless Vet giving back!

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