10 of Our Favorite Toys From The ’50s… I Wish I Still Had #6!


We LOVED our toys in the 1950s.  Some of them may have been pretty simple, but we certainly loved them.  Sometimes we wonder if kids these days would appreciate them as much as we did, but we’re always happy to find that some of them work just as well today as they did decades ago.  We wanted to put together a list of our 10 favorite toys from the 1950s.  Take a look at the list below, and let us know what you’re favorite toy was as a kid!

#1 Lock & Key Skates

We’ll admit that these were a bit more difficult than modern skates, but once you got the hang of them, you could really move! And how fun was it after you did? Enough that they made a song about it! Here’s how it went:
I got a brand new pair of roller skates,
You got a brand new key.
I think that we should get together and try them out, to see …


#2 Original Yahtzee

This classic, family-friendly dice game came out in the late 40’s, but didn’t see much action until 1956 when game developer Edwin Lowe began marketing it across the U.S. Milton Bradley purchased the game and rights to market it in 1973, which brought it in to modern times. Did you play as a kid? We LOVED yelling YAHTZEE!!!


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