Tim Conway Suffering from Dementia, Now “Almost Entirely Unresponsive”

Former “Carol Burnett Show” star Tim Conway is reportedly suffering from dementia and is unable to perform basic tasks for himself. Daughter Kelly Conway says he’s “almost entirely unresponsive.”

As 84-year-old Conway nears the end of his life, there has been some dispute in his family about where he should spend his final days. Kelly reports that Conway’s wife, Charlene, is “planning to move him out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at,” where he has access to 24/7 care, including a speech therapist to help with dysphagia (trouble swallowing).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CBS Television and Alex Erde
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CBS Television and Alex Erde

“Moving [Conway] to such a facility without skilled nurses on staff in his current condition will be harmful to his health and life,” she says.

Other family members and friends assure the public that Conway is receiving the best of care. However, Kelly is hoping to be granted guardianship so she can administer her father’s medication and be in charge of his care. She has also recently sought a restraining order to keep Conway’s wife from moving him to a different care facility.

Photo: Twitter/Time Life
Photo: Twitter/Time Life

Conway is perhaps best known for his 1970s roles on the “Carol Burnett Show,” such as The Oldest Man, The Dentist and Mr. Tudball. He was originally a guest but was later brought back as a regular by popular demand and won a Golden Globe Award for “Best Supporting Actor” for his performance. Check out one of his famous characters, The Dentist, in the video below.

However, Conway has appeared in many other television shows and films over the years. He got his start as Ensign Charles Parker in “McHale’s Navy” when he first arrived in Hollywood and had no experience in the television business. “I had no professional training,” Conway told “The Interviews: An Oral History of Television” in 2004. “I had a sense of humor and had been in front of a microphone.”

He later went on to fill a variety of roles, including the voice of Barnacle Boy on “Spongebob Squarepants” and a special appearance on the second season of “30 Rock,” which won him an Emmy. He’s appeared briefly on “Married… With Children,” “Mad About You,” “Glee,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Mike and Molly,” and more.

Photo: Wikimedia/ABC Television
Photo: Wikimedia/ABC Television

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Conway’s last credited performance was in 2016 on “Chip and Bernie Save Christmas with Dorf,” in which he played Dorf. He won six Emmys over the course of his career.

Conway and his first wife, Mary Anne Dalton, were married from 1961 until 1978 and have seven children. Conway has been married to his current wife, Charlene, since 1984.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CBS
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CBS

The Conway family has expressed their thanks for the outpouring of love and support fans have shown during this difficult time.

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