How This WWII Airman Stopped A Sniper With A Song

The old saying is that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but two weeks after D-Day, a member of the U.S. Air Force fighting near Normandy found out that the trumpet is mightier than the gun. It sounds like fiction, but in this one truly incredible war story, Col. Jack Leroy Tueller’s talent and his trumpet probably saved the lives of himself and others.

In fact, the greatest weapon Col. Tueller had during WWII was his talent of music. He took his trumpet with him into war and played it as a way of passing the time, entertaining his fellow troops, and especially for relieving stress.

On night, Tueller was feeling especially anxious and needed to get rid of his nerves. He turned to his trumpet to play. For the safety of himself and the other men, Tueller was told not to play. There was one German sniper still remaining in the midst. However, Jack decided to play a particular song for the lone German soldier who he knew was out there.

“He was no enemy. He was scared and lonely like me,” Tueller said of the German sniper.

Watch Col. Jack recount a remarkable experience he had in WWII, and the unbelievable thing that happened the morning he played his trumpet.

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