Ten More Tips For Caregivers To Pamper Themselves!

November is both Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and National Caregiver’s Month. We think this is really fitting because behind each Alzheimer’s patient is a team of loving caregivers.

Caregiving can be tough and draining. Taking care of yourself is important so you have more of yourself to give to loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

Earlier in the month, we featured our first ten tips on how to deal with caregiver stress. Here’s the next ten, with the last ten coming at the end of the awareness month!

11. Treat Yourself to Something that You Love


It could be a manicure, a massage, or just a cup of tea and a good book. Whatever it is, take time to treat yourself!

12. Keep a Journal


Putting your thoughts to paper can help you clear your head, and keep stress at bay!

13. Read


Nothing provides escape quite like an engrossing novel. Pick up your favorite page-turner and get your nose stuck in a book!

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