Man Creates ‘Talking Teddy Bear’ To Help Dementia Patients Connect With Others

Dr. Roger Nelson, a retired physical therapist, has seen first-hand what dementia does to people.

Members of his family have suffered with dementia, and Nelson saw a need that wasn’t being met. He saw that not only did they lack the ability of being able to talk and think, but this also led them to having trouble connecting with others.

Photo: YouTube/wgaltv

That’s when Nelson decided to create something to help people with dementia be able to communicate with others more easily.

He worked together with Rod Tosten, the vice president of IT at Gettysburg College, to create ‘Cue Teddy,’ a talking teddy bear that cues the person to move around and stay active.

Photo: YouTube/wgaltv

The bear asks questions and gives commands while working several areas of the brain including thought, motion and touch.

It can also be designed to meet the patients’ specific needs.

They chose a teddy bear because they felt that usually everyone can remember the first teddy bear they had and it’s name, and bringing back old memories and helping people remember is their mission.

Photo: YouTube/wgaltv

They are so happy to be able to help people and are extremely passionate about their creation.

The duo is still working on developing the bear, but once they are finished, they hope they’ll be able to find someone who can help them mass produce it.

Learn more about Cue Teddy in the video below:

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