Still Alice Is An Excellent Portrayal of Alzheimers

The movie “Still Alice” has gotten a great deal of attention due to Julianne Moore’s gut-wrenching and spot-on performance as a linguistics professor that develops early onset Alzheimer’s. Her entire life was built upon her brilliance and cognitive ability, and her diagnosis ripples out into every person she touches. The film, while incredibly difficult to watch, is a must see.

Moore was rewarded for her work last night in the form of an Oscar for best actress. While the movie is phenomenal, and one that everyone should watch, the real story the attention to Alzheimer’s that “Still Alice” has helped to raise. For people that have never known a loved one who suffered from Alzheimer’s, this film offers a sobering and honest example of the struggle inside the family and out, as well as highlighting just how much the disease really takes from those afflicted.

Take a look at an interview Moore did about the film, and hear about her preparation and research in order to do the film justice.

And in case you missed mentions of “Still Alice,” check out the trailer for the film below.

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