New Technology Helps Officers Keep Those With Autism & Alzheimer’s Safe

Sadly, we see news stories all the time about children with autism or older people with Alzheimer’s or dementia who have wandered off, unaware of how much danger they’re in.

Cincinnati police have come up with new technology that will help keep these people safe.

Smart 911 allows you to download an app or go online to create a family profile and provide first responders with any information regarding health conditions, or whether anyone in the home has autism, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or even if you just want to put what pets you have in the house.

Photo: YouTube/WLWT

Whenever you make an emergency call from any phone registered with your safety profile, the 911 system recognizes your phone number and will automatically display your profile on the screen of the dispatcher.

Having this information when the 911 call comes in allows first responders to be better prepared for the situation, and could help save a life.

Photo: YouTube/WLWT

There are two devices that families can register for, the first being a shoe sole. You slip it into a shoe and it has a GPS tracking device.

The second device is called iTraq, which is also a GPS tracking device. It can attach to a zipper pull, a shoe, a tag in a piece of clothing, or even a belt.

Photo: YouTube/WLWT

The program is free to join, and seven families in the community have already signed up. Unfortunately, you have to live within the five districts, but hopefully other places will follow suit.

Click here to register.

Learn more about this incredible technology in the video below:

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