Simple, At-Home Test May Reveal Alzheimer’s Early Warning Signs

With more and more people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, doctors say it’s critical to identify problems with memory and thinking as soon as possible.

Now, researches from Ohio State University have developed a simple test for those 50 years of age and older that helps map cognitive function. It measures four different areas of cognitive function: language, reasoning, problem-solving, and memory.

Imagine what could change if more people knew about a 4-page test that they could take practically anywhere. But of course, it’s important to always have a physician monitor the results!

This woman’s story on how it could have helped her own mother hits close to home with many of us who have dealt with the ripple effect from Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine if this development was out. Imagine how many people could be helped by something so simple!

Watch the full story via CBS News reporter, Teri Okita.

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