Every Time This Grandmother Joyfully Meets Newborn Granddaughter, It’s The First Time

You may remember Setsuko Harmon from a previous viral video, in which she repeatedly revels in the news of her daughter Christine’s pregnancy. Her joy in each moment is simply heartwarming, and you can feel Christine’s excitement for Setsuko to meet the baby.

Now, little Sadie has finally arrived, and Setsuko gets to meet her first grandchild. Her delight over the new baby is evident, and she smiles from ear to ear as she holds the newborn. It’s given Setsuko joy in the midst of her difficulties with Alzheimer’s, which has destroyed her short-term memory. Christine says, “My mom loves her. She was here for Thanksgiving and she said, ‘Why can’t I take the baby? I want to take her home?’ It’s put some pep in her step.”


Alzheimer’s hasn’t taken away every memory, however. Setsuko, who lived in Japan until marrying her husband forty-six years ago, still remembers a Japanese lullaby from her childhood, and sings it to Sadie.


As with the first video, Christine hopes this gives comfort to others in her situation, and brings more awareness to the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s. Though there are many hard times with her mother, she keeps a positive outlook on the situation, saying, “I don’t really feel heartbreak because we’ve (been) dealing with her condition for so long. For me in my faith and God gives me the strength to make the best of any situation to just accept it and not dwell on the negative.”

See the heartwarming moment Setsuko meets Sadie in the video below!

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