Seth Rogen Addresses Need For Alzheimer’s Education

Actor Seth Rogen discussed the topic of Alzheimer’s awareness and education before a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday. In true Rogen fashion, he mixed lighthearted comedy into a very serious discussion about Alzheimer’s disease. Rogen admits that when he first started dating his wife and they found out her mother had early onset Alzheimer’s, he was pretty clueless about the disease. All he knew about the disease were conclusions that he had drawn from movies and the media that only told one side of Alzheimer’s. As his mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s progressed, Rogen began to realize the dark reality of the disease and its drastic effects on everyone involved. In order to educate the public about this confusing and often misunderstood disease, Rogen co-founded a charity to educate young adults about Alzheimer’s disease.

Hear his opening remarks and learn more about his efforts by watching the video.

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