Need a Break? Take a Virtual Vacation to Some of the Most Spectacular Sites on Earth

Most of us will never be eye-witnesses to some of the most beautiful places on this planet for a variety of reasons. Some of them are hard to get to, or their climates do not support human life very easily. And it’s such a shame that we can’t all experience the places on Earth that contain some of the most unbelievable natural beauty human eyes have ever laid eyes on.

Are you in need of a little mental health break right now? Do you wish you could take a vacation but just can’t afford it or don’t have time? Or perhaps you could go on vacation, but you would prefer to go someplace a little more friendly with less chilly weather and natural danger?

Well, you’re in luck, because now you can get these spectacularly frigid wintery views without needing to bundle up or leave your house.

These video clips and nature photos from Richard Sidey will enthrall you with the wonder of nature in our world. The montage may be less than seven minutes long, but you’ll be feeling like you’ve just come back from a refreshing vacation or a trip to Heaven itself when you’re done watching.

See for yourself just what you’re missing in some of Earth’s most inhospitable and untouched natural environments.

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