Got Gum Disease? It’s Affecting More Than Just Your Mouth

Independent dental hygienist Kathy Yake of “Dental Hygiene Solutions” in Mississauga, Ontario, knows an unhealthy mouth can lead to an unhealthy body as well.

In her interview with Brock and Marta, she talks about how important dental hygiene can be, not only for your mouth but also for other areas of your body.

If you don’t brush and floss regularly enough, or if you aren’t doing a great job at it, you are very likely to develop gum disease and inflamed gum tissue. The thing is, however, that inflammation doesn’t stay in one spot. The bacteria in your mouth make their way through your bloodstream via irritated and bleeding gums, and that can cause serious problems in other areas of your body.

“It increases your chances of heart disease, increases your chances of stroke, premature delivery of babies, diabetes, and aging. The newest ones are Alzheimer’s disease—it’s a faster onset if you have inflammation in your body—and arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease.”

Learn more about the affect dental hygiene has on the rest of your body and find out what Kathy has to say about Brock’s mouth in the video below.

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