How Powerful Moments Keep Memories Of Loved Ones Alive

After leaving a job at the Alzheimer’s Society, Ashley’s grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She says that the toughest part of the disease is that you have to lose the person twice. Once when you lose the person that you once knew, and then again at the end. Remembering the good moments and times that they have shared help Ashley deal with the loss of her grandfather. She wants people to know that asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, and that realizing that you don’t have to do it alone can help you manage your emotions. She now participates in an Alzheimer’s walk to celebrate and honor her grandfather’s life and raise awareness for the disease.

In this video she shares her Alzheimer’s experience. Watch the video to hear more.

An Alzheimers diagnosis is heartbreaking and deeply frightening, hitting us with the realization that our minds are going to be affected and the inevitable outcome is death – because Alzheimer’s disease is ultimately deadly. Adding to the frustration is the fact that we don’t understand it and cannot cure it. There is only one solution: research. Each new breakthrough with this disease brings us closer to prevention, treatment, and with patience and perseverance, a cure. Learn how you can help us accomplish this goal! Click here to help.

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