Angry Gardener Puts Curse on Onion Thief: May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits!

“There have been a lot of issues with stealing from this garden, especially around this time of year,” said Kylie. “It is a pay-for-plot garden, and there are signs all around asking people only to pick what they’ve planted in their own individual plots. People put a lot of effort into maintaining and growing their gardens, so I can understand how upset that person must have been when their onions were stolen.”

Photo: YouTube/Lowe’s Home Improvement

Kylie is the Original Poster (OP) of the picture of the garden sign that went viral on Reddit and other social media. Its image was sent to her by her father, who spotted the sign at the community garden where the latter also rents a plot.

The sign reads: “Shame, shame on the person(s) who stole our beautiful ONIONS. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.”

As Kylie related to Newsweek, “We don’t personally know the individual who put it up. When I saw the sign, my first reaction was, that’s hilarious, it’s like something you’d see online.”

Well, the deep frustration of that onion gardener is really understandable. It takes a lot of effort to grow plants, including a lot of care. Just seeing a seed beginning to sprout brings a shower of happiness to a gardener, and that’s whether the gardener is rich or poor. Growing a plant is a labor of love.

Many Redditors sympathized with this gardener, whose onions were harvested without permission.

One commenter remarked, “Probs just people being a-holes. They want freshly picked homegrown produce but would rather steal it than buy it. Why? Because their wants are more important than your hard work.”

Photo: YouTube/Lowe’s Home Improvement

Another person said, “This reminds me of a sign I saw years ago that said, ‘Thanks Pumpkin Thief’ after a very large pumpkin that the whole neighborhood had watched growing in a yard was stolen. My partner and I say that every time we go by that house to this day (we don’t live in that neighborhood anymore).”

Meanwhile, this Reddit user commented, “Many people feel genuinely entitled to take it. They believe anything within reach is up for grabs and if the person didn’t want to share then it would be behind a locked gate or a clear sign. Even then, they sometimes still feel justified to take stuff because “it’s just plants.” They aren’t intending to be selfish or rude, they are just terribly entitled.”

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