7 Dementia Caregivers Share Their #1 Tip

Caring for someone with dementia is undoubtedly a difficult job. You may struggle with caring for a person who wanders, needs help with simple daily activities, doesn’t understand or appreciate your presence in their home, or sometimes even becomes belligerent. It can be next to impossible to use reason and logic to convince your loved one or patient to do what they need to do to stay healthy and safe, and your work may begin to wear you down after a while.

But, even if you’re doing this all alone, you can rest assured that there are always people out there who are in the same boat and can lend some helpful advice.

If all caregivers shared their best advice for keeping someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia healthy, happy, and comfortable, life would be much easier for so many people, both caregivers and dementia sufferers alike! What caregiving tips would you add to our list?

(NOTE: Some comments have been edited for length or grammar.)

Photo: Adobe Stock/Fotoluminate LLC
Photo: Adobe Stock/Fotoluminate LLC

7. A dementia clock

“A ‘dementia clock’ that can be read from across the room. It seemed a comfort for my husband to know the weekday, month, and year without having to ask. I actually got two — one for the bedroom and one for the family room where he spent much of the day.” —Reddit user seagazer

6. A twist on technology

“I attached a tablet to the wall by his bed so I can stream Netflix (he had trouble with TV remotes). That has helped with getting him to go to bed and with wandering around the house at night.” —Reddit user Myfeelingsarehurt

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