New Subtype of Alzheimer’s Disease

Neuroscientist Melissa Murray, Ph.D., and her team have discovered a new subtype of Alzheimer’s disease called called hippocampal sparing, or limbic predominant. For the typical Alzheimer’s patient, the hippocampus (the brain’s memeory center) is the affected area. This new subtype, however, doesn’t affect memory, and the patients are often much younger than the typical Alzheimer’s patient. Because of this, these patients are misdiagnosed more than 50% of the time.

People with hippocampal sparing Alzheimer’s may start acting out inappropriately in social situations, suffer from visual disturbances, and feel like they are not in control of certain limbs. The subtype predominantly affects males, at a younger age, with a more rapid decline than typical Alzheimer’s.

Watch the video to learn more about this new discovery.

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