New Alzheimer’s Film Inspires and Entertains


It’s hard to imagine that a movie about Alzheimer’s could be realistic and uplifting, but according to a review in AARP The Magazine, A Short History of Decay is just that.

The indie film, which opened in New York City on May 16, 2014, follows Nathan Fisher (Bryan Greenberg) who is recently single, unemployed, and heading to Florida to spend time with his ailing parents. His mother, played by Linda Lavin, has Alzheimer’s, and the film explores the ripple effect her diagnosis has on the rest of her tight-knit family.

Rather than leaving audiences disheartened, according to reviews, A Short History of Decay encourages viewers to empathize and tune into life’s simple joys, even in the darkest times.

Check out an exclusive scene from A Short History of Decay in the video, and keep an eye out on the film’s website for showtimes near you.

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