An Elderly Woman Found Comfort in an Unexpected Place


Kingston Police recently posted an amazingly sweet story on their Facebook page. As part of a presentation by Response Team B Sergeant, Tony Marshall, about scams and crime prevention, 5 police dogs were brought into the Star and Garter care home. Among them was 11-week-old-puppy Daisy.

Not able to attend the presentation due to lack of mobility, a resident named Muriel was visited by Daisy. Muriel, who is typically described as very quiet and not frequently inclined to express emotion, was said to have smiled and lit up when she met the puppy. This adorable interaction melted the hearts of onlookers, and Muriel’s nurses began to cry.

Since the interaction was made public, thousands of people have liked the photos and commented with thanks to the police officers and well wishes to Muriel and the Star and Garter care home residents and staff.

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