A Mother’s Smile Is Saved Forever In This Beautiful Video Tribute

Alzheimer’s disease robs a patient of his or her own memories, leaving them unable to remember even their closest family members, friends, and personal life. It can be a heartbreaking process for both the patient and their loved ones, as their memories and self identity slip away.

One woman, however, found a beautiful way to pay tribute to her mother after Alzheimer’s set in. By using old family photos along with family history and putting them together to create a video, she was able to tell the life story of her mother, Mary, who is now in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

“This is in honor to my amazing mother who makes my life beautiful with her smile,” the video says. And that is exactly what Mary did throughout her diagnosis, and continues to do as the disease progresses even into the late stages – she smiles! By always looking on the positive side of life and enjoying the time she has instead of being scared by the disease, she been able to keep her smile and her laughter.

Watch this wonderful tribute to an amazing woman who continues to live and love with a smile on her face, spreading laughter instead of tears.

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