New Bill Proposed In Minnesota That Could Have A Huge Impact On Alzheimer’s Patients And Caregivers!

New legislative sessions are ramping up in the new year at every level, from local to national. This means grandstanding, divisive arguments, and new bills being presented. While it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the bills in every state, some have far reaching impacts, such as Minnesota State Senator Carla Nelson, who recently put forth the Alzheimer’s Research and Support Act. The act would provide two different types of grants that would help combat Alzheimer’s, one for research and one to help caregivers get the help and training they need. The research could have an effect on Alzheimer’s prevention and potential cures, and setting a model for caregiver support could inspire other states to adopt a similar model.

You can find more details about the plan, and Nelson’s inspiration behind her crusade right here.

Alzheimer’s Support

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