This DIY Memory Box is a Treasure for Those With Alzheimer’s

One wonderful way to make a connection with an Alzheimer’s patient is a memory box.
According to, a memory box “helps recall people and events from the past. These memories, thought to be lost, can stimulate the senior emotionally and prompt conversation with loved ones.”

Include photos, artwork, postcards, recipes, letters–anything that is linked to happy times that might inspire the person to share their thoughts and feelings.

The following video is a tutorial on how to make a memory box. Keep in mind, the box itself can be as fancy or simple as you like. It’s what’s inside the box that counts.

An Alzheimers diagnosis is heartbreaking and deeply frightening, hitting us with the realization that our minds are going to be affected and the inevitable outcome is death – because Alzheimer’s disease is ultimately deadly. Adding to the frustration is the fact that we don’t understand it and cannot cure it.

There is only one solution: research. Each new breakthrough with this disease brings us closer to prevention, treatment, and with patience and perseverance, a cure. Learn how you can help us accomplish this goal! Click here to help.

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Lydia Lee lives in Seattle with two sweet, if slightly out of control, dogs. She loves reading, food, and the opportunity to make a difference.