‘Memorable Moments’ Helps Alzheimer Patients Celebrate Holidays

The holidays can often be a stressful time for everyone. Planning, family visits, cooking, and shopping can all add up to make a big demand on almost everyone’s schedule. Throwing Alzheimer’s into the mix often makes solidifying plans or observing family traditions a bit more complicated.

Recently, The Times-Standard reported on the uptick of Alzheimer’s patients who have wandered away from their homes during the winter holidays. During this time, the the Alzheimer’s Association reports that the number of calls to their national hotline regarding lost or missing people with dementia often increases by 10 percent during this time.

“The key to a successful holiday season is involving loved ones with memory loss into activities to the appropriate extent, so they feel involved and cared about, but not to the point that it becomes overwhelming,” said Rachael Aultman of Emeritus at Sequoia Springs. In the article, she offers six recommendations to help make the holidays easier on everyone while including loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Read the article and pick up some handy tips for your entertaining plans this holiday season.

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