A Mother Got Lost in the Woods and Was Rescued by Max the Hero Pup

63-year-old Sherry Noppe took a walk with her dog Max when she suddenly went missing on a Tuesday afternoon. The search went on for three days around Sherry’s home and the 8000-acre George Bush Park. Apparently, Sherry was diagnosed with dementia, making her children even more worried and anxious. Texas EquuSearch pursued and widened their search to every nearby establishment where Sherry could possibly be found.

Photo: Youtube/KHOU 11

Thankfully, Max was with her and persistently barked out loud — perhaps his intention was to protect her from whoever was coming or to send a signal regarding their location. Anyone can sense Max’s alertness, and Sherry’s children know barking isn’t his thing.

“He’s not a barker, and I think something was coming, and he was like I got to protect her,” Courtney Noppe said. He knew he needed to let out furious barks to send a message.

Photo: Youtube/KHOU 11

For those three days in George Bush Park, the black labrador did not leave Sherry’s side — even without a leash. According to Courtney, Max started to bark furiously when the search team went near their location, and she believed that it was the reason Sherry got saved and found in the woods.

On Friday, the two were found safe and alive near Parkland Village. Sherry got bruises and cuts but, thankfully, no major injuries. During her recovery, Max stayed by Sherry’s side. He was also checked by a vet and was given special treatment. With the heroic deed Max has shown, he certainly deserves to be spoiled with new toys and unlimited treats.

Photo: Youtube/KHOU 11

Getting lost in the woods with dementia must have been difficult for Sherry Noppe. Imagine the anxiety and fear for the unknown she must have felt during those three days.

“She remembers a little bit. She said she just kind of took a wrong turn and got lost and got circled around, but after that, she doesn’t really remember much, kind of got disoriented,” Justin said. Max wasn’t just there to protect her — he also accompanied her during a tough time and assured her that she was not alone. Aside from Max, the family was grateful for the help they received from the community — from volunteers to the rescue team, their efforts were highly appreciated.

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