Young Guys Help An Elderly Man With Dementia Fulfill His Wish To Ride ‘One Last Wave’

A video has gone viral on Twitter after a group of young men helped an elderly man with dementia catch his ‘last wave’.

Ryan Giancola was on vacation with his family and friends at a beach in Duck, North Carolina on July 16 when an “elderly lady” walked over to the group. She asked if they could possibly help her husband, Vern, catch a wave on their boogie board since it used to be “his favorite thing to do.”

Photo: Twitter/@giancola_ryan

Giancola tells Yahoo Lifestyle that this was Vern’s “last beach trip,” and his wife said he has “about a year left to live.”

It turns out that it was Giancola’s birthday, which made the event even more special:

“As we were walking towards the water he was telling us stories about going to the outer-banks throughout his life,” Giancola recounts. “He was all smiles after he rode the wave.”

Photo: Twitter/@giancola_ryan

“I think the craziest part was that their family thought that we gave them a gift when really they gave us an incredible experience that we will never forget”

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The video, with over 7 million views and counting, has opened the door for others to talk about their personal experiences with people suffering dementia and other illnesses:

Photo: Twitter/@JoelleAdler
Photo: Twitter/@Jimmie51110
Photo: Twitter/@MrJuanCeballos
Photo: Twitter/@flawlessfalx

We applaud these young men for bringing a moment of joy during Vern’s last trip to the beach.

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