Man With Dementia Remarries His Bride

Frank Borg’s family was heartbroken when they first noticed he had dementia. As he continued to decline, they had to make the difficult decision to move him to a memory care facility. Frank’s family doesn’t know how much time he has left.

But there’s one thing that always brings Frank joy, and that’s his wife of 54 years, Sue.

Frank and Sue were married when they were 19, and John’s younger brother remembers how excited Frank was on his wedding day. “He was a relentless pursuer of her and finally, he finally won and got her to fall in love with them and they got married,” John said.

Photo: NBC4

Frank’s New Year’s wish was to relive the happiest day of life and marry Sue again. A program called Mosaic Dreams worked with Frank to make his romantic wish come true.

Paula Gibson, who works at Azura Memory Care where Frank lives, told WEAU, “Every time she [Sue] walks in the room, he lights up.” Sue visits Frank every day. Their love inspires staff and residents alike. Sue and Frank say it’s their love that’s gotten them through hard times.

Sue was only told about the wedding a few days before it happened, and she thought the idea was typical of Frank. “He’s always been wonderful,” she said.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and Frank seemed glad to be a groom again. “It’s been a fun day,” Frank said.

Watch this sweet couple tie the knot (again!) below!

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