4 Adorable Grandmothers Redefine The Term ‘Flower Girls’ At Their Grandchildren’s Wedding

Lyndsey and Tanner were set to be married in Benton, Tennessee, in September 2019. The excited bride-to-be wanted nothing more than to come up with a thoughtful way to include her and Tanner’s grandparents in their special day.

They knew that many brides and grooms didn’t get to have any grandparents at their wedding.

Lyndsey and Tanner were lucky enough to have at least four.

While searching bridal ideas on Pinterest, Lyndsey was inspired by another bride’s heartwarming inclusion in her nuptials: her grandma.

Lyndsey thought it was a lovely idea.

She asked the four very special women who were her and fiance’s grandparents to be part of her bridal party — specifically, to take on the roles of flower girls.

They were completely stunned, and, of course, they said yes.

Photo YouTube/Inside Edition

These flower girls were Lyndsey’s 90-year-old maternal great-grandmother, Kathleen; her 76-year-old paternal grandmother, Wanda; her 72-year-old maternal grandmother, Betty; and Tanner’s 70-year-old paternal grandmother, Joyce.

In the video clip below, photographer Natalie Caho captured the adorable moment when the ladies take their place in their matching blue gowns, toss their flowers onto the ground, and head down the aisle.

The bride, the groom, and all of their guests were clearly delighted. We are, too!

Take a look!

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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