Take a Look into J.K. Rowling’s Mind!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite authors manage to write their books? Particularly with long novels, books with several sequels, and books with complicated plots, it seems impossible to keep everything organized.

One such mystery is J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. On top of being fairly long books to begin with, they have complex subplots and themes that wind themselves in and out through every single one of the seven novels. So how does she do it?

Below is a photo of some of Rowling’s writing notes. We can’t believe she managed to keep track of it all without even using a computer (or perhaps she had a spectacular editor who caught all her mistakes?)

At first glance this may look just like some school notes, or random scribbles. But, this is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Could you have written a book out of these notes?

How do you compile your notes?

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