QUIZ: Are These Dementia Warning Signs Real or Made Up?

How much do you know about dementia? Do you know what its warning signs are? You do? Like even the really difficult ones that aren’t seen that often in dementia patients? Hm…we’re not sure whether we believe you…

You’re going to have to be pretty knowledgable if you want to pass this dementia warning signs quiz, because it’s a toughie! We all know how tricky true or false quizzes can be, after all!!

But it’s totally worth it to give this test a try, especially if you get all 15 right! We know you want to get that “A” grade and be crowned in the glorious victory that is the right to brag to your friends about getting 15 out of 15 on an internet quiz! Perhaps you can even put it on your resume…

Think you’ve got what it takes to ace this tricky beast? There’s only one way to find out! You’ve got a 50-50 shot at each question!

Even if you don’t get them all right the first time, we know it won’t take you long to master this quiz. Feel free to try it as many times as you want!

After you’re done, be sure to share the quiz with your Facebook friends and challenge them to top your score!


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