84-Year-Old Man Learns To Do Wife’s Makeup When She Can’t Anymore

Mona and Des have been married for 56 years and would do just about anything for one another. Makeup included.

When Mona’s eyesight began to fail and she started to suffer from shakiness and lack of fine motor skills in her hands, she realized she wouldn’t be able to apply her own makeup anymore. So one day when the couple had a party to go to, she announced that she was going to go somewhere to get her makeup done.

Des had a surprise in store for his lovely wife though. The pair went to a beauty studio, where they met Rosie O’Driscoll, the makeup artist who changed everything. As Rosie began to apply makeup, Des took the brushes from her hands and requested to have a chance to try the technique for himself. Rosie obliged and even taught him a few tricks of the trade.

“If you just see the way he holds the brushes, he’s a natural,” says Rosie.

Des has since undergone makeup classes so that he can apply Mona’s makeup like a professional. Now that’s true commitment like you have probably never seen before!

“Mona and I both agree on one thing, and that is that less is more,” says Des. “And there’s no way I want my lovely Mona slapped up with stuff.”

“He thinks I’m lovely as I am,” says Mona, blushing.

She may not be able to see it very well, but Mona knows she’s looking her best, and her face lights up with the pride and love she has for her husband. At the very least, the situation has proven that this couple can conquer anything life throws at them.

The world needs more amazing husbands like you, Des! Thank you for your lifelong commitment to do everything you can for your spouse. Mona looks fantastic with your help!

Check out the video to see Des in action.

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