Horse Escapes Owner And Runs Straight To The Dementia Unit To Greet Patients

Panda the palomino paint horse has a mind of his own and she showcases it in the most adorable way!

Panda lives with his owner, Maija, in Cambridge, New Zealand, and is often featured on his owner’s social media platforms.

Maija recently shared a video, of her riding Panda while making an exasperated and embarrassed face.

You can tell by the look on Maija’s face that she’s not thrilled with Panda, and she explains why.

Photo: TikTok/@maija.vance

In the text overlay, Maija wrote: “How many times has my horse got loose and run into the dementia unit in town and I had to ride him home…”

Apparently, it’s happened more than once!

@maija.vance Slim Shady would never do that to me. #palominopaint #horses #equestrian #equestrianproblems #horsetok #horsetrends ♬ 2 Times – Original Extended Version – Ann Lee

Naturally, people were curious about the horse’s strange behavior. They wanted to know why the horse would run to the dementia unit, and Maija had a sweet explanation.

Panda doesn’t just run to the dementia unit for fun. He goes to visit the residents of the unit and hopefully get some snacks out of it.

Photo: TikTok/@maija.vance

In a follow-up video, Maija explained:

“This is 100% my fault, I took him to the dementia unit to visit the patients. They loved him and gave him carrots. Now he tries to find ways to get loose and run into town and ends up back there.”

@maija.vance Replying to @mercury.n.the.snail #therapyhorse #horses #palominopaint ♬ original sound – MAIJA

You can see more of Maija and Panda on Instagram and TikTok!

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