When This Woman Could No Longer Remember, Her Granddaughter Invented Something To Help


Frieda Rozbruch lived an incredible life; she survived the Holocaust, learned seven languages, was a talented cook, and raised three boys. But during the last six years of her life, Frieda lived with dementia — and her piecemeal memory made it hard for her family members to connect with her.

So Frieda’s granddaughter Jenny created an app called GreyMatters that allows people with dementia and their caregivers to connect — and it worked for Frieda!

Watch this sweet video to see how Frieda lights up! (And scroll down to learn more about the app.)

GreyMatters Promo Video from Jennifer Rozbruch on Vimeo.

Communication with Alzheimer’s patients can be difficult, especially at the most advanced stages of the disease. This digital scrapbook allows you to upload old photos with captions so you can scroll through memories together. You can also upload music that is familiar to your loved one — and familiar music has been shown to have positive effects on patients. Other incredible features include the ability to capture new memories with a video upload, facts from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, customized games to work on memory recall, and customizable reminders for your loved one that addresses questions they may often ask.

You can learn more and download the GreyMatters app on your tablet here.

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