She Doesn’t Remember He’s Her Grandson, But She Knows She Adores Him

Steve and his grandma get along like two peas in a pod. When they’re together, the jokes and laughter fly, and the adoring glances make it clear that they are quite fond of each other. They have a natural ease and banter that is a delight to see.

The thing is, his grandma has Alzheimer’s and often thinks he’s a stranger who’s visiting her at her assisted living facility.

Throughout the video, she needs to be reminded over and over again that she is his grandmother. But their bond shines through regardless, and his mere presence makes her light up and laugh with unbridled joy. You hear her say at one point, face beaming, that “I’m so glad I met you.”


The kind, patient, and humorous way Steve interacts with his grandmother is truly touching. He is sure to let her know what a wonderful grandma she has been, even if she thinks he’s pulling her leg. When they reminisce about moments from Steve’s childhood and times with her friends, she lights up with recognition, especially when recalling her favorite activity from back in the day – Jazzercise!


Though it’s surely painful that his grandmother often doesn’t recognize him, Steve seems to take it in stride. He knows that underneath it all, they retain a strong connection. He shares wonderful perspective, saying, “She doesn’t even believe I’m her grandson, but that’s not the point. I don’t want to burden her with the obligation to recognize me. All I want is to make her laugh and bring her the joy she deserves. It’s amazing how our bond is still present, and she still loves my company even when she thinks I’m a stranger.”

Watch the heartwarming video of Steve’s visit with his grandmother below!

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