80-Year-Old Grandma Looks Stunning and In Love While Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Growing old doesn’t have to limit people from having a happy life. The elderly can still achieve goals, learn a new hobby, travel, and so much more. As long as you are physically and mentally fit, age shouldn’t be a hindering factor. Moreover, you can still find true love, as the experience is not only for younger people. It’s inevitable to crave someone you’ll grow old with, although you’re already surrounded by family. Despite the belief that meeting the right person during your senior years is impossible, there are countless proofs that even the elderly can find the one. Those people were lucky enough to meet their person — committing to a lifetime of happiness with them. If it can happen to others, then best believe waiting will be worth it for you too.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

You can witness that in the life of Janet Merryman — Danielle Jefferson’s 80-year-old grandma. She recently went viral online after her granddaughter posted a video of her trying on wedding dresses. It was not just a simple shopping day, because it was part of Janet’s wedding preparations. At the age of 80, she gave love another chance, which also surprised her. Love really has an impressive way of intervening with plans. Nevertheless, Janet knew it was the right choice regardless of her age. Danielle was extra supportive of her grandmother’s decision. She knew that Janet deserved happiness after everything she’s been through.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Before Janet met her 60-year-old fiance, she was married to Danielle’s grandfather. They were together since she was 15 years old until he took his life 16 years ago. The experience was undoubtedly painful, more so when she battled colon cancer. Trial after trial, Janet stood up over and over again. She doubted that she’d survive, but her strength was admirable. “It puts me in tears just thinking about everything that she’s been through and just how happy I am that she’s happy and that she’s not alone,” Danielle said.

Interestingly, the companion Janet had been looking for was just right around the corner. Inviting her neighbor for lunch has got to be one of the greatest decisions she ever made. She and her 60-year-old fiance were neighbors for seven years, and she was already a widow at that time. “He was married and had three children. At seven years, he became single. I started inviting him over for lunch just to have somebody to eat lunch with and company,” Janet explained. From then on, love grew and led them to marriage. Danielle happily shared how her grandma spilled the details — even their first kiss!

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

The joy of being with the right person is reflected in Janet’s appearance. She’s indeed a blooming bride, and her fiance is so lucky to tie the knot with her. No matter what wedding dress she chooses, she’ll surely be radiant and gorgeous during the ceremony. “If there are any 80-year-old women out there, take a chance. That’s all I can say. That’s what I’m doing. I don’t have that many more years left. And I’m happy now,” she said.

Everyone deserves another chance in love — do not lose hope because they might be your neighbor, too. Janet’s interview from Good Morning America is abundant with life lessons. Watch the video below and learn that opening a new chapter at an old age can still happen. You are entitled to live with felicity, as long as you are not ruining someone else’s life.

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