Country Legend Glen Campbell Was Never Able To Perform His Final Song Due To Alzheimer’s, So His Son Took It Upon Himself!

Country legend Glen Campbell has been battling Alzheimer’s since 2011, and he and his family have remained, for the most part, out of the limelight. While they have happily discussed the condition in order to reduce the stigma around it (including the documentary I’ll Be Me), the family has tried to keep Glen in a supportive and quiet environment. Now his wife Kim has released news of her husbands condition. Glen has returned home, but is in stage six of the disease. While he is physically healthy, communication is rudimentary. Unable to communicate verbally, Glen still understands people speaking to him, and still appreciates hugs, smiles and kisses. Sadly, he is also prone to physical outbursts, giving his wife a black eye during an outburst.

Glen’s impact on the country music scene is undeniable, and his legacy continues to inspire. Despite the tragedy of his affliction, his family is doing everything they can in order to turn such a bleak negative into an inspiring positive. Glen’s last song, I’m Not Going To Miss You was never performed live due to his illness, so his son decided to play it for his father at his home, along with creating this passionate and gorgeous video to celebrate his fathers life and legacy.

This video will hit home for anyone that has fought alongside a loved one battling Alzheimer’s.

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