GreaterGood Helps Distribute Relief Kits, Blankets, and Pet Food to Those in Need in Ukraine

As the war continues to rage on in Ukraine, the U.S. and other countries have been assisting them with weapons, supplies, military training, and more. Our efforts have gone a long way to help the Ukrainian military hold their own in many battles against Russian forces, but the Ukrainian people have still suffered greatly at the hands of their enemies.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Many Ukrainian citizens have lost just about everything – their homes, their peace and security, the loved ones they held most dear. They are, in many cases, running for their lives, crossing the borders as refugees in the hopes that they may escape a dismal fate. Others are hanging on to their roots at home, but with supply chains breaking down, they may not have the food and supplies they need to make it through a harsh winter.

GreaterGood and Greater Good Charities hope to help as many people and pets as possible survive and stay healthy and safe during this immensely difficult time.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Our latest projects have focused on donating food, supplies, pet food, and blankets to Ukrainian citizens who are anticipating a rough winter and seeing a shortage of basic necessities in their areas. This past weekend, we distributed more than 2,000 Winter Relief kits and blankets, along with pet food, to people in Zelenodolsk and Kochubeivka, two municipalities in the south of Ukraine. Each kit comes with 80 meals and some basic hygiene supplies.

This war and the accompanying shortages have caused so much grief and damage, and we’ve seen some of the despair firsthand. That’s why we’re renewing our commitment and pledging to raise funds for even more help for Ukraine.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Our initial goal was to donate 6,000 blankets to Ukraine. Now, having seen the need for them, and grateful for our audience’s willingness to help, we’re hoping to be able to give 10,000 blankets to the people who need them most to help them ride out the winter in Ukraine.

Your donations to our cause are needed and appreciated! With your help, we will feed more hungry pets, give away more warm blankets, and supply more crisis kits to Ukrainian people in need. Click the links to learn more about each of these projects or click here for updates on our Ukraine crisis response.

You can also help by shopping our Gifts That Give More™ and other products that fund the projects you care about. Peruse our items that support Ukraine here.

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