Caregiver Tips – How to Help Someone With Alzheimer’s Get Dressed

Alzheimer’s can turn even the most basic daily activities into a challenge. Caregivers are keenly aware of the struggle that dressing a loved one in the morning can bring and how it can set a stressful tone for the whole day. Here are some tips to make the process less frustrating for everyone involved.

The most important tip is to keep the choices simple. Instead of standing your loved one in front of their entire closet and asking them to choose, present only two or three choices to avoid confusion. Keeping their closets organized and free of clutter is also very helpful. Some caregivers pare down the closets to the very basics, reducing the options that can lead to extreme indecision.


When buying clothes for the person with Alzheimer’s, it is crucial to choose garments that are simple. Garments that open in the front, such as cardigans or button-downs are easier to get on and off than pullovers. Look for velcro and elastic in place of buttons and zippers if those are too difficult. Choose clothing that fits loosely, is stretchable, and is soft on the skin. If they develop a favorite item of clothing, try to buy multiples or similar garments.

Handsome senior sad man is trying on a blue tie

Sometimes your loved one will insist on wearing something that is questionable, such as mismatching pattern and color combinations or items out of season, like Christmas sweaters in May. Be adaptable to the harmless clothing preferences the person may develop, and don’t try to dissuade them. As long as they are safe and comfortable in the garment, it’s best to just go with it.

See the video below for more helpful tips!

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