The Worst Day of His Life Was the Day His Mother Forgot Who He Was

Joey’s mother, Molly, is 66 and suffers from Lewey Body Dementia. He goes to visit her regularly and documents his visits with his video camera. These videos serve a few different purposes; they help Joey express his feelings, honor his mother, help other people in similar situations realize that they are not alone, and help others understand more about dementia.

We believe Joey is a hero cut out of a unique kind of fabric. His superpowers are his patience and understanding of his mother’s difficult disease and his perseverance in the face of all the hardships it brings. Joey tries everything he can think of to get his mother to remember who he is, but to no avail. Through it all, however, he loves and supports her.

Dementia is a rough road for both the person suffering from it and those close to them. But we’d like to draw attention to the fact that this sad episode is not the end of Joey and Molly’s story. There are still many happy days to come, even as the disease progresses. In the next episode, Joey explains how he will continue to visit his mother and love her as much as he did before.

Check out the video below. If you can identify with Joey, please comment to help others going through this tough situation know they’re not alone.

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