This Young Actor’s Tribute to His Grandfather Will Move You

Spencer Levin is a senior at The Mainstreet School For Performing Arts in MN. His grandfather, Bernie Dinner, suffered from Alzheimer’s.

For his Senior Creative Project, Spencer wrote and performed this amazing theatrical piece. Spencer’s mother, Stacey Dinner-Levin, gives us some history on Bernie and his amazing life:

“Here’s a little background to the story, my father, Bernie passed away from Alzheimer’s a few years ago. His brother in-law, also named Bernie came to visit my father when he was no longer cognitive. He tried to reach him but was unable to do so until somebody at the home started singing,”Roll out the Barrels.” My father began to sing and so my uncle Bernie sang with him. Singing was a huge part of my father’s life and it was the last piece to go. In Spencer’s story we get a glimpse of my father’s life, he meets my mother–and yes once he made her so mad she bit his leg–they had three daughters, she became ill with pancreatic cancer, passed away and soon after my father slipped away as well. Spencer tells this story with theater, music and dance. I’m very proud. I hope you like it.”

Many thanks to Spencer and Stacey for letting us share this beautiful and touching story!

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