Breast Cancer Treatment Via Angel Flights

LeeAnn is a beautiful and resilient woman who is currently battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Her 500-mile drive from Henderson, Nevada, to Orange County, California, and back to get to her chemotherapy appointments was seriously complicating her ability to heal and keep living her life—until someone stepped in to ease the burden in a way she never expected.

Now she receives free flights to the hospital where her treatment takes place, easing some of the financial, emotional, and physical strain of the already difficult process.

Angel Flights West and are partnering to fly patients of all ages to critical surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, and various other medical treatments. Their project, Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope, aims to raise enough money for 10 women to be flown to their life-saving breast cancer treatments.


“These flights are life-changing!” says LeeAnn. “It’s just amazing to me that these men and women do this. And we have become friends with many of them because of this. They continue to call, email, text me.”

Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope also helps ensure that patients can be with their families while they undergo difficult treatments and healing processes. In LeAnn’s case, her husband accompanies her to her appointments in the plane.


Ann is another one of the women helped by Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope. She sought treatment in her home town of Saint George, Utah, but her doctor told her he was not trained to help her. Therefore, she had to travel to the Huntsman Cancer Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for her treatments.

This journey would take more than four hours by car and about five and a half if she took the bus. And unfortunately, due to multiple broken ribs and fractures from simple movements like sneezing and reaching for water, Ann was not able to sit for the six-hour drive to get the help she needed. But by plane, she can make it to the center in an hour.

Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope offers LeeAnn and Ann a huge advantage in their cancer care plans; it may, in fact, be the only way they could bear to travel so far for treatment. Ann says:

“I have had two angel flights, one in the middle of December 2016, and one just recently in March 8-10, 2017. Both have brought me to the experts I needed to further my quality of life and care. I am truly grateful beyond words for this program. The staff and pilots have been marvelous and are truly my angels.”


There are far too many women in our nation like LeeAnn and Ann. There are so many people who do not have access to the essential care they deserve and so desperately need, simply because of where they live. And without programs like Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope, most of them would simply go without that care.


There are so many peope out there like LeeAnn and Ann who are struggling to fight breast cancer and other diseases when they live far away from the places where they can receive treatment. But you can help Angel Flights and continue to do more for people in need.

It will take $5,000 to provide adequate transportation to treatment for 10 women with breast cancer. Your donation could be the difference between life and death for a woman in need. Every $1 donation equals one mile of life-saving travel, and 100 percent of your donation will directly support flights! Click the button below to learn more and to donate!

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