This Simple Swap In Dishware Can Make All The Difference For Alzheimer’s Patients!

The color and usability of dinnerware may have more of an impact on an Alzheimer’s patient that you realize.

Studies show that people with dementia eat 24% more food off of brightly colored plates and 84% more liquid off of brightly colored cups and bowls than people eating on plain dinnerware.

Young entrepreneur Sha Yao served as her grandma’s caregiver for many years. Her grandmother has since passed away, but Sha Yao yearned to better the lives of both patients and caregivers to ease the burden on both parties. She volunteered at adult daycare centers in order to dig deeper into the peculiarities and habits of people with the disease, and saw the hiccups that caregivers and patients faced — and realized that eating was the most frustrating aspect. So Sha set to work creating dinnerware that would help Alzheimer’s patients not only eat more easily, but eat more.


She cycled through countless designs, mock-ups, and models, asking for feedback from many caregiving professionals along the way. The final, vibrant product line provides 24 unique features that reduce spills, increase appetite, and make the dishware comfortable for patients to use — even those with arthritis!

Per her website: “For many families, meals are a time for sharing and reconnecting, and enjoying each other’s company. When the disease affects one member of a family, the mealtime experience can become stressful and challenges are created for both caregivers and their loved ones. What’s more, once the patients stop eating or have general problems eating enough, their health condition often rapidly worsens. That’s the reason I created Eatwell, a tableware set with a very user-centered design that helps to increase food intake and maintain dignity for its users, while also helping to alleviate caring burdens by making the process of eating as easy as possible.”

Sha’s design won first place at the 2014 Stanford Design Challenge out of 52 teams from 15 countries!

Learn more about the Eatwell dish set in the video!

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