Siblings’ Home Untouched for 70 Years

Would you remodel this kitchen that contains old pots and pans and a stove that are definitely built to last?

This bedroom seems like a collage with patches of different colors just splashed in.

Wow! This one looks like an old ’80s hotel room. But I really feel sorry for anyone who has to sleep on one of those solid wooden beds.

The siblings thought of doing away with any modern gadgetry. No refrigerators! Instead, they opted for natural means to make their supplies last. I don’t really know how effective that was!

The siblings had not laid hands on a single item of the farmhouse. It remained untouched for about 70 years. With its fascinating contents that belong to the bygone era, the house is like a giant time machine that takes you back to a time that was much simpler.

As we mentioned earlier, old, deserted and antique houses have an aura that is quite mystical. They invite us with their stories of quaintness and at the same time, distance us with a heavy presence of olden times we probably cannot relate to.

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This time capsule house truly is a diamond in the rough! Watch the below video for more information on this timewarp home:

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jake Arnold.

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