Neuroscience Says Meditation Can Reduce Your Brain Age By 25 Years

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If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of meditation or simply sitting quietly, look no further. New neuroscience studies are showing that 50-year-olds can change their brain health to back when they were only 25 by meditating.

This means you can have the same gray matter as 25-year-olds, even though you might be twice that age. As you age, your brain cortexes actually shrink. This can contribute to memory loss and other frustrating aspects of aging.

What are some other proven benefits of meditation?


Many say they are calmer, able to handle stress better, kinder, and more compassionate after starting a meditation practice. Meditation literally changes your brain to make you a better person. Science also shows that meditation can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and even reduce pain and insomnia.

A recent study looked at people who have been meditating for the past seven to nine years. Those who had been meditating for several years showed increased gray matter in the brain. Increased gray matter helps increase your sensory abilities, which means your hearing and other senses will be better.

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Meditation and breathing exercises literally force you to stop what you’re doing, slow down, and focus on your breath. So it makes sense that this can help you focus more on tasks in front of you and what your senses are telling you.

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