Families Affected By Hurricane Dorian Receive A Helping Hand From GreaterGood

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm with wind gusts of 200mph and huge storm surges – and then stalled over the islands for 3 days. Over 60 people were killed with hundreds more still missing. 70,000 people are homeless and the total damage is estimated at $7 billion.

Survivors are combing through the rubble to find any salvageable items. However, most have lost everything. GreaterGood.org’s Disaster Response Team and Rescue Bank immediately sent life-saving supplies for people and pets, thanks to your donations. In addition, GreaterGood sent clothes, shoes, sheets and pillows to help those in need.

Photo: Freeport Veterinary Hospital

The humanitarian supplies were sent to Freeport Veterinary Hospital in the Bahamas to be distributed to families in need. Jamila Thompson, manager of the animal hospital, and her family handed out the supplies to help people get back on their feet.

Photo: Freeport Veterinary Hospital

One of the families helped by the donations was a mother and her two sons who lost everything in the storm. During the hurricane their house began to flood and they had a choice of getting on the roof or escaping. The older boy could not climb, so they escaped. However, when they arrived at what they thought would be a safe location, they found it too had flooded. They survived the brutal storm and were together, which is what really mattered.

Photos: Freeport Veterinary Hospital

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Other families arrived with similar stories and all were grateful for the help. Julie Wood, one of the volunteers who helped hand out the donations, said, “We did the best we could do with what we had and luckily it was enough.”

Photos: Freeport Veterinary Hospital

The road to recovery in the Bahamas will take years. We’re working closely with our international partners to provide humanitarian and animal aid on the islands. Together, we can be there when it matters.

Photo: Freeport Veterinary Hospital

“Words cannot explain how grateful we are. We thank all the donors, whoever they are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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