Dispelling Common Misconceptions

Misplacing your glasses or forgetting where your car is parked isn’t a sign of Alzheimer’s. Even young people can experience that kind of temporary forgetfulness. You shouldn’t start to worry unless there is a consistent loss of short-term memory, things like constantly missing appointments, or repeating stories to the same person.

Watch the following clip to hear Dr. Richard Mayeux dispel some common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s − and give you an important tip on prevention.

Alzheimer’s continues to grow costlier, and the prevalence of this tragic disease only continues to grow. Many American elders depend on Medicare for coverage of treatment they need during their golden years, but Medicare does not cover long-term care for Alzheimer’s leaving family and loved ones to shoulder a care burden currently estimated to be worth over $217 billion.
This cannot continue! You can help America’s Alzheimer’s patients by signing our petition demanding Medicare step up and cover 100% of long-term care for any person with Alzheimer’s or other dementias whose doctor has recommended it.

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