Teen Designs App To Help His Family Care For His Grandmother With Dementia

The diagnosis of dementia is something that can affect the entire family. The brain disease eventually causes the individual to stop being able to remember or to think in the same way that they could in younger years. The people in their lives, such as friends and family members are often left to help them with some of the most basic tasks.

My grandma used to take care of me, then she got dementia, so I help take care of her!I made a free app for caregivers to coordinate and keep track of their loved one. Why don't ya try it out?carezare.com

Posted by CareZare on Monday, November 4, 2019

Logan Wells, a 19-year-old man from Massachusetts experienced this when his grandmother, Nannie was diagnosed with dementia four years ago. He watched everyone in the family struggling to take care of her but it also became evident that they needed some assistance. At the time, he was a sophomore in high school and he came up with the idea for CareZare. It is an app that provides a toolkit to help manage someone with dementia.

The Wells family found out quickly that it was a big challenge to take care of Nannie, but they were willing to do it. “It quickly became apparent that we were facing a steep learning curve,” the family reveals. “We needed to climb it, fast, all while figuring out how to share the burden of care, manage professional caregivers, maintain our lives as parents, kids, professionals, and students, and, most importantly, provide the world’s best possible care to keep Nannie safe and happy.”

It became more of a challenge to track what was needed as the illness progressed. More and more caregivers were getting involved, so Logan started working on the CareZare prototype. He got the assistance of his family so that it happened successfully. “We’re a family with a loved one who needed care,” said the Wells. “And we built CareZare because we needed it.”

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Now that the app is finished, users are invited to collaborate and groups of caregivers can schedule activities in real-time. Things can be tracked, including the mood of the person, how time was spent together and messages that are important for the other group members to know.

Over 600 families are using the app so far and Wells hopes that the number will increase. “Our users have been great about giving us feedback so we can tailor the app to their needs,” he says. “Caregiving is such an important issue for them because it’s so personal for them, just as it is for me.”

You can download the free CareZare app on both Apple and Android devices.

When Logan Wells’ grandmother, Nannie was diagnosed with dementia, he designed an app to help family members provide better care.

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